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Trailblazer - Wholesale

Trailblazer - Wholesale

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Military Women’s Memorial is dedicated to the more than 3 million women who have served our country since the American Revolution. The Women In Military Service For America Memorial is the only major national memorial honoring all women who have defended America throughout history. Their patriotism and bravery are a part of our nation’s heritage.

For Trailblazer stories or to share your Trailblazing story, please visit or email us at

SINGLE ORIGIN- To continue the story of highlighting women serving throughout history, we are using women farmed and produced coffee for this label.  This Honduran coffee was recently harvested, grown at Altitude 1100-1650. 

Medium roasted, tasting notes of Caramel, Green Apple, Almond. Cupping score of 85.5 and is the perfect specialty grade coffee for any time of the day!
This lot was produced in cooperation with the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA).

THANK YOU for supporting a Service Disabled Veteran who served 39 months in combat, 8 years overseas, and 25 years in the Army and a Military Spouse who supported service members and their families for over 20 years.

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