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A Little About Us.....

Brynt welcomes Disabled Veterans back to Iraq.

Brynt – Veteran and Volunteer

An Eagle Scout that grew up to be an Infantryman.  Brynt traversed the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado growing up, learning to hunt, fish, navigate and explore.  He comes from a family of veterans and was born in Puerto Rico while his dad was stationed there.

After success in Airborne and Ranger Schools, his first assignment set him on the DMZ at Camp Greaves, then Camp Pelham in South Korea.

As a member of The Old Guard, stationed at Fort Myer, VA, he escorted deceased Army servicemembers to their final rest in the “Gardens of Stone”, as Arlington National Cemetery is sometimes called.  He also was included in ceremonies for the President and other National officials.

He served 25 years in the Army and continues to serve, helping the Boy Scouts of America, veteran service organizations, and as a HS dive coach.  Above is a picture of he and his son (both are Eagle Scouts) correctly folding the flag.

Co-Found, Brynt

Lisa - Military Spouse, Co-Founder & Coffee Roaster

Lisa roasting your Call Sign Coffee to perfection!

Mom, Mountaineer, Military Spouse.  These are all names to which Lisa proudly answers.  Hailing from South Charleston, WV, and the daughter of a veteran and forester, Lisa grew up loving the mountains and nature.

While originally starting work life in fashion design, like many military spouses, she eventually switched gears, gaining a MSA, specializing in business operations, marketing, and HR.  Merging her myriad of skills, Lisa created a successful art business and some of her work is included in the permanent collections of museums.  She served on military service organizations and civilian boards and continues to give back, as an entrepreneur adviser.

After Brynt and Lisa worked for start-ups and tapping into their love of coffee, they decided that a coffee business would be a great platform to utilize their start-up knowledge and a way to give back to other veteran service organizations that do incredible work.  Wanting to provide top-notch products, we've trained with the best in the coffee business, and work hard to develop delicious coffee profiles that our customers enjoy.


Call Sign Coffee - Lisa

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