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Battle Buddy
Battle Buddy

Battle Buddy

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Battle Buddy - A battle buddy is a partner, friend, and confidant.  Every battle buddy is expected to assist his or her partner in any situation.  You don't go anywhere alone when you have a battle buddy. This amazing blend will always have your back!

Your coffee: Wow...this is a superb Peruvian "Chasqui" and very fitting for the "Battle Buddy" label (see below)!  Tasting notes: chocolate, nougat, almond, citrus and tart green grape. A smooth body that finishes like a crisp, white wine.

History of The Chasquis - they were the messengers of the Inca empire — the fittest and most highly trained individuals; the best of the best. They would not only run messages across great distances and topographies but could read and translate and helped to keep order.

THANK YOU for supporting a Service Disabled Veteran who served 39 months in combat, 8 years overseas, and 25 years in the Army and a Military Spouse who supported service members and their families for over 20 years.

WE GIVE BACK - A portion of profits go to support veterans, military spouses, their families and organizations that support them.