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What's Your Call Sign?

What's Your Call Sign?

Everyone has a Call Sign. It's who you are and how you define yourself.  You get to be the person who climbs mountains, who puts out fires, who solves big problems, who keeps people safe, who makes things, or who makes others better. 

Often times, we get caught up in others expectations for us or their perceptions of who we are and we we're capable of in life, in work, in the classroom, on the field, or wherever.  These can be good or not so good.  What's important is the expectations and perceptions we have for ourselves.  Take the time to scan the world around you, figure out what's needed for the greater good and yourself, and take the steps to make things better. 

That is what Call Sign Coffee is all about. Its not just a military thing, its a life thing. Its about defining what's important and making it happen and making it who you are. Be the person you were meant to be and join us in helping others find their own Call Sign.  


Below:  The "Desert Dogs" Team completes the Bataan Memorial Death March, 26 miles of High Desert in White Sands, NM.  Our team chose a call sign to represent the team members who hailed from NM and where the event is hosted.